FOI's FDA Freedom of Information Log:

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Every year, the FDA’s Freedom of Information Office receives thousands of requests for records covering every aspect of products regulated by the agency. Each request is recorded in the FDA Freedom of Information Request Log, which includes the request date, requester name and affiliation and a brief summary of the information sought.

This Log keeps you on top of the issues, firms and products our industry is watching:

The FDA Freedom of Information Request Log is Available NOW online at!

Each Log is presented as an Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to sort, reformat and merge the files quickly and easily.

Every week FOI Services requests FDA's Freedom of Information Request Log...and now we're making each weekly* Log available online for immediate download as soon as we receive it.

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[*Please note that FDA does not always send the Logs to us on a weekly basis. It is possible you may not receive a Log every week but could then receive 2 or 3 in a single week. ]

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Once we have the weekly Logs covering a full calendar month, we'll bundle the weekly reports into a single monthly report and the individual weekly reports for that month will no longer be available. A monthly log search will be available next month.

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