Document Retrieval

Looking for a specific US government record? It may only be available under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). FOI Services maintains a private collection of over 7 million pages acquired under FOIA and addressing all categories of products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and other US government entities affecting FDA-regulated firms.

Many of our most popular documents are available on our website, where you can search and read descriptions of documents at no charge; any of the records you find described online can be downloaded immediately.

If you can't find the document you need, or if you simply prefer that we check our holdings for you, just contact us. There's no charge for us to search our in-house database, and our experienced information specialists will work with you to determine which files are most suitable for your needs.

If FOI Services doesn't already have the document you need, we can place a request to the government for you. With over 40 years of experience using the Freedom of Information Act, we will construct a custom FOIA request that contains the information we've found the government needs to efficiently process the order. If requests similar to yours have previously yielded no information, we'll let you know up-front, before you've waited in vain.

Of course, we hold every inquiry confidential. Every request submitted to the government carries the FOI nameā€¦so no one knows the products, processes, and companies you're researching.

For more information regarding the types of documents available, please see our Document Descriptions page

To place a custom request, contact us at or +1-301-975-9400.

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